Top 4 Popular Cities to Visit in Europe

Europe can offer you a wide range of choices when it comes to planning your vacation. They have places that can provide you with romantic getaways, beach trips, cultural expeditions, or a simple break from city life. Using your etias europe, you can now travel to some of Europe’s most beautiful cities.


Budapest, Hungary

Many people online have voted the German capital to be the place they want to visit the most. Budapest has some of the most vibrant historical and architectural heritage as it offers a combination of culture and blooming gastronomy. Not only is the city beautiful but it is also declared as one of the safest cities worldwide. In Budapest, you can find pieces of Paris, Vienna, Porto, and Stockholm.

Braga, Portugal

With its warm and friendly atmosphere, Braga has become one of the most visited places by tourists from all over the world for thousands of years. It boasts lines of shopping districts you can stroll through. Their stalls range from the traditional shops, huge shopping centers, and your favorite designer shops. You can also try visiting the Gothic Cathedral or take a break by strolling around the Santa Barbara Garden.

Monte Isola, Italy

Getting tired of the sceneries in Milan? You can try visiting Monte Isola, that is only 2 hours away. If you are a nature lover, this place is right for you since they have already banned cars a long time ago in favor of keeping their tourism sustainable while maintaining their local products. The city has already inspired artists like Cristo. Monte Isola is also considered as “a paradise for gourmets” since their local produce like fishes, wild asparagus, salami, olive oil, sardines, and tomatoes are self-produces and always fresh. If you are planning for a trip to Bergamo or Milan, you might as well drop by this beautiful island.

Metz, France

If you want something more trendy, this place is your best bet. Many travelers and artists have visited this city, and some stayed to start their lives here. Many cultural institutions such as the Pompidou Centre and creators like Philippe Starck have launched projects in the town. The place is only 82 minutes away from Paris, so if you want to take a break, you can quickly drop by this city and enjoy the shopping streets and family-friendly parks.

Europe is filled with lovely places, and you will surely find one that is perfect for what you need when it comes to traveling. Find the city for you now and get your passport and etias europe ready.



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