5 Interesting Facts About Quebec

Filled with a rich history, enthralling culture, and stunning infrastructure, Quebec is home to plenty of Canada’s top tourist destinations. It is a great place for solo travelers, lovers, and families coming across the globe. If you already secured your Canada ETA and is looking forward to visiting this fascinating Canadian province, here are some interesting facts you ought to know first.


Le Cirque du Soleil

Not most people know that Le Cirque du Soleil actually originated in Quebec. It was founded in a little city in the province, Baie-Saint-Paul. It started with a small group of young people engaged with cultural activities relating to Canadian folklore. Through time, they polished their craft and began traveling outside the county, and become one of the most prestigious theatre organizations in the world today.

Ice Hockey

The Québécois people and the whole Canadian population is known for their peaceful and friendly nature. However, it’s ironic that they are obsessed with one of the most brutal sports on the face of the planet- ice hockey. They have an extreme passion for this activity. Even from a young age, children are taught the rules and how to play.

A Nation Within Canada

Most people dubbed Quebec to be another nation within the country. Quite understandable as the province speak a different language and has a distinct culture compared to the rest of Canada. It is worth noting that the French conquered Quebec during the 17th century. The province, though later on, been colonized by the British, has kept the French language as their mother tongue and adopted the traditions they acquired from their French ancestors.

Montmorency Falls

If you are a nature enthusiast, do not miss out the magnificent view the Montmorency Falls offers. The fall is the largest in Quebec and even stands one and a half taller than the renowned Niagara Falls. The waterfall is a sight to behold both close and afar and continues to attract many visitors every year.

Old Quebec

Quebec is well-known for its fascinating architecture, comparable to the old European cities. There is a place you can stroll, called Old Quebec, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can behold North America’s remaining fortified city walls. This area also homes a collection of essential landmarks dating from centuries – all part the province’s long, rich history.

There are other exciting facts about Quebec beyond what is listed here. Go ahead, visit this great province, and discover what Quebec has to offer. Remember, it is better to encounter things firsthand!


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