4 Smart Tips to Save on Your Trip to New Zealand

While New Zealand is not the most affordable and accessible country to go to, it is one of the most popular destinations in the world. It seems that these do not stop people from obtaining a New Zealand visa and visiting this magnificent part of the world.

The following are 4 helpful tips to reduce your travel costs when traveling to NZ:


  1. Create a Plan

If you have no plans in mind, your travel tends to become costly. Booking your transportation and accommodation at the last minute is not an affordable way to plan your trip. List the places you want to explore in NZ and what you want to do. Advance planning allows you to include some budget tips for your New Zealand travel.

  1. Stay in Budget Accommodations

New Zealand is too beautiful to pass up and stay indoors. The country is meant to be explored, so it is important to book affordable accommodation in order to save money. You can find cheap and comfortable hostels in the main centers for about NZD 20 per night.

Another option is using Airbnb, which is an affordable option and gives you the chance to live in a Kiwi house. You will also obtain insider information from the Kiwis regarding the local area.

  1. Eat Affordably

If you want to eat out and enjoy the local cuisine, it is better to do so during lunchtime instead of dinner. The meals may be in smaller portions but they are also cheaper. But, you may also taste affordable dinners in many eateries with special meals.

Know that it is not customary to give a tip in New Zealand. So, you may not include it in your budget.

  1. Use Affordable Modes of Transportation

New Zealand has the Naked Bus, which is an affordable transport service mainly for long-distances. Once you get a New Zealand visa, you can also have access to the Naked Bus service that has stops in more than 300 cities and towns.

Using a relocation vehicle is another option to take, wherein you can drive from South to North Island. It is usually free of charge or sometimes requires a minimum fee.

While making a plan is essential, you also need to be flexible when traveling to NZ. Flexibility allows you to be ready for any changes and get cheaper deals on meals, accommodation, transportation, and activities.

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