3 Reasons to Choose New Zealand over Australia

 New Zealand and Australia are two vastly different countries, yet a lot of people still confuse one for the other. But if you’re more laid back than adventurous, then New Zealand might be a better choice. Here are three reasons you should look into getting a New Zealand visa.


Awe-Inspiring Landscape

There’s a reason Peter Jackson shot The Lord of the Rings trilogy in New Zealand. Visitors to the country are always awestruck by its beauty. New Zealand has lush rolling hills, hundreds of refreshing waterfalls, and gorgeous coastlines. You also have hot springs, geysers, and volcanoes in the north while the south island has stunning blue lakes. New Zealand is meant for exploration, so don’t forget to bring your walking shoes.

Warm Maori Culture

Australia and New Zealand were both colonized by Britain, but while the former’s Aboriginal culture has been all but wiped out, Maori culture is thriving in the latter. Maori culture remains a strong presence in modern-day New Zealand. Smiles and a happy “Kia Ora,” which means welcome in Maori, greet visitors. A lot of places in the country carry Maori names, and you can learn more in museums. You can even immerse yourself in their culture by visiting sites like Rotorua, which is home to a Maori village.

Not so Wild Wildlife 

When it comes to wildlife, Australia will win hands down. The country is famous for cute critters like the koala and the quokka. But it’s also notorious for its deadly spiders, snakes, sharks, and crocodiles. If you prefer not getting stressed over wildlife, then you’re better off getting a New Zealand visa.

There are indeed more sheep than people in this country, but New Zealand is also home to hundreds of exotic bird species. It’s home to the elusive and endangered kiwi. If you’re patient, you might catch a glimpse of this shy bird at night. The country is a paradise for bird lovers as they can find species like the bellbird, fantail, kaka, kingfisher, the rare Takahe, tui, and the weka.

There are so many reasons to visit New Zealand. The country is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and noise of the city. Its beauty and warm, loving culture will make you want to stay forever.

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